Studio: Artist Interview

Artist Interview

Here is a guide for what to order for your artist interviews! 

  • Paint - All colors needed for Moonlight Blossom painting are listed below (You will need at least 1 of each color).
  • Canvas & Surfaces – You will need at least (1) case of 16x20 canvas for your artist interviews. We do offer other surfaces to choose from but these are not needed for the artist interview.
  • Easels - (1) EI2 A-Frame Instructor Easel 
  • Brushes - Our brushes are sold in 12 packs, you will need one set of each brush listed below: PSSFW SS 1” Wash, PSSR4 SS #4 Round, and PSSR12 SS #12 Round
  • Studio Supplies -  You need (1) 12 pack of Embroidered Logo Aprons  (1) PPC Plastic Cups with Logo (these are the black cups you will use for brushes, 45 come in the pack).
  • Apparel (Optional) – All shirts are available in sizes SM through 3XL, EXCEPT for the Ladies T-Shirt. If you know your artists sizes at this time you can add these to your order if you like!
  • Promotional Items (Optional) - We have many promo items to choose from but one of our newer items is perfect for your artist interviews! Our PWAT balloons really make a fun statement and show them that you can't wait to get the party started!

If you have any questions or need assistance in ordering your artist interview items please contact us at [email protected] or via phone call (985) 662-5181.

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