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    Master's Brush Cleaner - 24 oz.

    The Master's Brush Cleaner - 24 oz.


    Brush Cleaner & Preserver works on most paint brushes using acrylic paints. It gives off no harmful fumes or odors, and it's safe for use in the classroom or studio. Just wet the brush and work up a lather on the hard cake. Even old, hardened oil paint brushes can be restored to their original snap and luster!

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    The Master's Hand Soap

    The Master's Hand Soap - 4.5 oz.

    This soap is the perfect hand cleaner for artists no matter what your chosen media is! Removes paints including wet and dry: oil, inks, dyes along with grass stains, grease, and grim. Ideal for painters, gardeners, crafters, and even mechanics! No need to use harsh chemicals or cleaners when you have The Masters Hand Soap. Conditions as it cleans. 
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